BOHO Core, is a health coaching service, designed to help you reach your goals with food, nutrition and fitness.

At BOHO, we realize that your fitness & nutrition work as a team.  Being healthy starts on the inside, with the food you use for fuel

and is enhanced by how much you move. 

Everybody is different, and we understand that. Our health coaches will work with you to design a program customized for your body and your lifestyle, so you can make realistic, sustainable changes to fuel your dreams. 


Eat Smarter. Live Better. 


What are you waiting for?

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Address: 714 N Sheppard St
Richmond, VA 23221
United States

Phone: 804-355-1151

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Core Health consultations are via appointment only.


our health coaches

for availability. 


There is ample street parking on Sheppard St., Park Ave., Monument Ave., and Patterson Ave.

There is a parking lot around the back of BOHO (entrance off Park Ave.).